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2000-01-01 @ UTC+0

A social slave drifting in Beijing.

Currently employed in a network security company, I have been exposed to network security since junior high school. I still remember that I used to buy every issue of "Hacker X Archives", "Hacker Defense", and "Insecurity". Looking back now, it was the era when China's network security was just starting. In the blink of an eye, I am now in my thirties.

Once I ran into the IRC of 0x557, and at that time, I didn't know the immense scope of things and actually chatted with the big shots in the chat room about technology for a long time.

Just after graduating from university, I successfully joined 360(another network security company in China) through an internal referral from a friend I met in a QQ group. Later, I became colleagues with a certain editor of "Hacker Defense" and also got in touch with the founding-level big shots of Green Alliance. I was also fortunate to have met several people from 0x557 (although they may not remember me at all).

It turns out that this world is pretty small...

Technology Stack

  • Reverse Engineering: C/C++/ASM
  • Backend: Perl/Python/PHP/Typescript
  • Frontend: Self-taught frontend developer. Currently limited to using Typescript + Material-UI to create decent-looking websites (this site).
  • Others: Research on various topics, though not in-depth in any particular area (Windows kernel, anti-virus, big data, various frameworks, etc.).


  • Micro-framework for PHP:
The backend of this site is built on Synology DSM's NoteStation, while the frontend is written using Typescript + Material-UI.

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