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2000-01-01 @ UTC+0

DarkRay's Blog

A self-proclaimed "cybersecurity enthusiast" and penetration testing guru.

Lishake Security Team (L.S.T)

The website of LyShark Security Team (abbreviated as L.S.T.) is a spontaneous non-profit hacking organization in China. The team members are mainly composed of computer enthusiasts who advocate and engage in proactive information security technology research, exchange, collation, and promotion. They popularize security technology and common sense, improve the overall level of network security, and are determined to make a modest contribution to promoting the development of information security in China.

JiaYu's Blog

The author of the IDA plugin 'go_parser', no need for further introductions, right? ;)


2000-01-01 @ UTC+0

A social slave drifting in Beijing.

Currently employed in a network security company, I have been exposed to network security since junior high school. I still remember that I used to buy every issue of "Hacker X Archives", "Hacker Defense", and "Insecurity". Looking back now, it was the era when China's network security was just starting. In the blink of an eye, I am now in my thirties.

Once I ran into the IRC of 0x557, and at that time, I didn't know the immense scope of things and actually chatted with the big shots in the chat room about technology for a long time.

Just after graduating from university, I successfully joined 360(another network security company in China) through an internal referral from a friend I met in a QQ group. Later, I became colleagues with a certain editor of "Hacker Defense" and also got in touch with the founding-level big shots of Green Alliance. I was also fortunate to have met several people from 0x557 (although they may not remember me at all).

It turns out that this world is pretty small...

Technology Stack

  • Reverse Engineering: C/C++/ASM
  • Backend: Perl/Python/PHP/Typescript
  • Frontend: Self-taught frontend developer. Currently limited to using Typescript + Material-UI to create decent-looking websites (this site).
  • Others: Research on various topics, though not in-depth in any particular area (Windows kernel, anti-virus, big data, various frameworks, etc.).


  • Micro-framework for PHP:
The backend of this site is built on Synology DSM's NoteStation, while the frontend is written using Typescript + Material-UI.

For site-related inquiries, please contact the following email: ZXZpbHNpZ25AZ21haWwuY29t

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